Sectional door – aluminium

Sectional door - aluminium

This is designed to suit most commercial and industrial applications and where natural light is required. It is widely used on workshops, essential services depots (e.g. ambulance stations, fire stations) office showrooms, service stations or anywhere an architectural designed door is required.

Door Construction

The door sections will be constructed using anodised extrusion, specially designed aluminium "box type" glazing machined to match the profiles of the mating members and bolted together using full length bolts to provide a weather tight interlocking joint.
The sections will be divided into equal panels of approximately 1,200mm in width using the intermediate aluminium mullion members. The sections will be glazed with 5mm acrylic (clear or tinted) and/or 2.5mm thick aluminium anodised panels secured with a clip-in type rigid P.\/.C. glazing clip and weather sealed with a Grey adhesive gasket.



Bracing will be incorporated where deemed in design and will be fitted to the back of the door sections to withstand wind loads and door span in the closed position.

Panel ln-fills

The aluminium overhead door can be provided with 5mm thick acrylic, 4mm clear or tinted glass or 2.5mm thick anodised aluminium panels as standard. Other types of infills are 4mm toughened, clear or tinted glass or 5mm lexan clear or tinted. Should other types of infills be required, please consult the manufacturer.




Standard design is recommended up to 5 meters high by 8 meters wide or 30 square meters. Should opening exceed these sizes, the manufacturer should be consulted.


The doors are normally operated by hand by one person quickly and easily. Doors over 4,000mm high will be fitted with a quick action chain drive and still providing ease of operation (optional extra for doors below 4 meters in height). Electrical motorisation can be fitted to any size door as an optional extra,



Door sections are available in natural anodised as standard.
Optional finishes are available in;

  1. Color anodising
  2. Powderkote finish in available in various colours (as specified).

Note: Consult manufacturer on availability of colours

lnfills Optional

Panel lnfills, 5mm Lexan, 4mm Toughened glass, clear or tinted, etc, please consult the manufacturer.

Tapered Bottom Panel

Are a special design (consult the manufacturer).

Aluminium PVC Weather Seals

Can be fitted to the external door jambs and head.


All doors can be electrically motorised or remote controlled (refer to installation detail sheet).

Can be provided with the use of amplimesh or aluminium type Louvers

For further information (tracking etc.) see installation detail sheet.

Suggested Specification

The sectional overhead glazed panel door will be as manufactured by3rd Generation Doors. The door will be constructed from clear anodised (or as specified) "box type" aluminium glazing extrusions machined and bolted together using full length bolts at each mating joint and glazed with 5mm clear or tinted Grey acrylic or 2.5mm thick aluminium panels (as specified) sealed in a Grey gasket and clipped using a rigid PVC. glazing clip. Door to be braced as deemed by the design. The door will be supplied with all necessary hardware, spring counter balancing mechanism and tracking (standard headroom, low headroom, high lift or vertical lift as specified) and installed to the manufacturers recommendations.



Brackets and hinges will be manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised steel having a minimum thickness of 1.6mm to a maximum of 4mm. Where doors exceed 5,000mm in width, will be fitted with double hinge wheel brackets and long stem shaft wheels.

Top wheel brackets will be adjustable to suit the radius track.

Bottom bracket will be fitted with fixture pin to match the wire cable.

Hinged wheel brackets will be stepped in height to provide an inclined angle to give a wedge type closing,

Steel centre hinges will be fitted to steel doors.

Aluminium centre hinges will be fitted to all aluminium framed doors. Manufactured from extruded aluminium having a thickness of 4mm and fitted with a 6mm diameter pin.

Wheels will be a steel ball bearing complete with a ten 6mm diameter balls hardened and steel shaft of 11mm diameter.

Tracks will be manufactured from 2mm thick galvanised steel "C" channel 26mm wide by 52mm deep.

Vertical tracks will be fitted on an inclined angle to provide a wedge type closing action and fitted with brackets for fixing to brick, steel or as required.

Horizontal tracks will be reinforced with steel angle 40mm x 3mm thick. The tracks will be supported at the ends and where tracks exceed 3,000mm a centre support will be provided.

Torsion Bar will be designed to match the door weight, and manufactured using 25mm diameter tube and or solid steel bar. The shaft will be supported at either end and the centre, with end plates and centre anchor plate fitted with bearings.

Chain Hoisting will be fitted where doors exceed 4,000mm in height or when specified.

Counter Balance Springs will be helical wound torsion springs. The assembly will consist of the springs fitted to aluminium alloy spring winding cones, bolted to the spring anchor bracket mounted on the wall. The other end of the spring cone will be locked to the steel shaft.

 Cable Drums will be manufactured from aluminium alloy and designed to match door weight and securely fixed to the torsion shaft.

Lifting Wire Cables will be manufactured from galvanised, aircraft quality wire cable and have a safety factor of 6:1.

Locking - Internal quick release slide arm, engaging into the track at one side with provision for padlock (by others).