Roller doors

Domestic Roller Doors

Rolling doors leapt onto the Australian Garage Door market in 1956 with B&D's invention of the Roll-A-Door®. There is more of a choice these days and B&D has different "brands" such as CSI doors and Firmadoors to suit different buyers at different quality and price points.

What hasn't changed is the versatility of the rolling type door that rolls up out of the way with a fingertips pressure. It can of course be fitted with an automatic opener from B&D or ATA or other rolling door opener manufacturers. The B&D Roll-A-Door® includes a package of innovations to make it easy to use and function better, it is also available in a wide variety of colours to suit your home.

The rolling door also has industrial applications and Pirie's does them all. Large Series 2 and Series 3 Rolling doors plus Roll-a-Shutter and Roll-a-Grille for strength and see-through respectively.

B&D colour-coated doors have been pre-painted with a silicon modified polyester formulation, enamel baked to zinc-coated or Zincalume steel, to provide one of the best paint finishes available today. The product range and colours shown may vary slightly.