Architectural cabinet shutter

Architectural cabinet shutter

The Series "25" Mini-Slat Shutter is designed for smaller architectural openings such as school & tool lockers, library book shelving, fire hydrant enclosures, office cabinets, bars etc. The shutters can be either roller or sliding operation. The face of the shutter gives an aesthetic, clean, straight, architectural appearance suitable for all building applications


'3rd Generation Doors' Series "25" Mini-Slat Shutter features consist of extruded aluminium slats interlocked together and fitted with nylon end clips to each alternative slat which run into specially extruded aluminium guide channels. The bottom rails can be fitted with a few locking facility options or alternatively left without locking.
The bottom rails are fitted with an extruded rubber sealing strip which act as a silent cushion.

Specification data

Curtain will be constructed using specially extruded aluminium slats, having a depth of 25mm x 1.4mm thickness, nylon end clips will be fitted to each alternate slat.

Bottom rail will be a specially extruded aluminium section measuring 45mm high x 30mm complete with a continuos extruded rubber seal.

Locking will be by means of either key operated "coin/hook" locks fitted flush with bottom rail or special "T" locking handles.

Roller drum will be manufactured from nominal 75mm mild steel tube.

Guide channels will be 25mm x 22mm x 1.6mm thick extruded aluminium.

Operation will be by hand (spring balanced) or Sliding (gravity feed) N.B. Sliding mini slat shutters should not be used longer than 1200mm x 1200mm or 1.45 m sq. For larger openings use spring balanced shutter.

Finish: All aluminium sections are natural anodised finish as a standard. A wide range of colour anodising or polyester powder-coat finishes are available when specified.