63mm Aluminium roller shutter

63mm Aluminium roller shutter

This is designed to provide higher strength and security thus still providing quick and easy operation by hand. Places most suitable include counters, doorways, shop fronts, bottle shops, sporting complexes etc.

Recommended Specification

The smooth line aluminium roller shutter will be as manufactured by 3rd Generation Doors. The curtain will be constructed using extruded aluminium anodised interlocking slats of 63mm or 100mm in height and designed to roll up overhead, manually.


The curtain will be constructed using extruded aluminium interlocking slats, having a face depth of 63mm or 100mm by 1.5mm thickness. A nylon end clip will be fitted to each alternative slat to stop lateral movement and to provide smooth operation within its guides.


Bottom Rail

The bottom rail will be a specially extruded aluminium section measuring 120mm in height by 2mm thick. It will have incorporated within the body of the bottom-rail a "mortise" type locking system.


Locking will entail a centrally mounted, concealed key operated L & F security type lock mechanism. It will be keyed on the outside and inside, fitted into the bottom rail of the roller grille.

Guide Channels

The guide channels will be 50mm by 30mm by 2mm thick anodised extruded aluminium and will contain a false back for concealed fixing. (Note: Guide channels can also be fixed "through the face" or by using take up channels).


Centre the centre door mullions will be used for wide openings and multiple door installations. The centre door mullions will be manufactured from specially extruded anodised aluminium sections having a minimum width of 125mm by 30mm depth.
The mullions will be a lift-out type fitted with shoot bolts locking at the bottom of the mullion.

Corner & Angle Mullions (when specified)

The corner and angle mullions will be used when two grilles meet at a corner. The mullion will be manufactured from aluminium sheet formed to suit the angle and size as required.



Designed for manual operation as standard. Chain, motorisation or remote control on application.


Manufactured to suit any width of opening with the use of removable or fixed mullions.
Individual shutters are manufactured up to 3 meters in height or 3 meters in width without exceeding 10 meter square.

Height 1,200 1,500 2,400 3,000
Roll Diameter 200 250 260 460


All aluminium sections are natural as standard. A wide range of colour anodising or polyester coated finishes are available when specified.

Ventilation and Vision Panels

Ventilation the interlocking slat can be slotted, to any number of slats. Vision panels the interlocking slat is slotted and a clear acrylic infill panel is fitted into the specially formed recess on the slat.

Roller Drum

The roller drum will be manufactured from a 150mm or 200mm diameter spiral ducted tube and will be attached to nylon drum wheels. The roller drum will be fitted with helical torsion springs with a counter balanced mechanism matched to suit the grille size and weight. The drum shaft will rotate around a 40mm diameter shaft. The roller drum will be designed to give minimum deflection over the grille span.

Support Brackets

The grille drum support brackets will be manufactured from either mild steel plate having a minimum thickness of 3mm (between wall fixing) or mild steel angle type brackets (behind wall fixing) to be matched to suit grille size and weight. Fixing will be using masonry anchors and/or hex head bolts or as specified for steel work.

Installation and Clearance Details
Refer to installation specification data-pages


 Note: 3rd Generation Doors reserves the right to make without notification such alterations in design and manufacture as deemed necessary in line with our policy of continual product improvement.