Hardened & Network Army (HNA)

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The Hardened & Network Army (HNA) project in Edinburgh, South Australia, was the largest and most challenging project to date. We manufactured and installed 116 fold-up doors, approximately 100 steel roller shutters, 20 aluminium roller shutters, 9 fire shutters and 17 aluminium roller grilles.

Due to the sheer size of the project, efficiencies in processes and techniques were introduced to assist with the coordination and installation of doors. For example, telescopic forklift equipment was used instead of standard forklifts as it provided flexibility in getting around the massive site (approx. 1 square km).

We worked closely with the design team and was involved with the Hardened & Networked Army project from the early design stage through to completion. This project is an example of our ability to successfully roll-out large scale projects with care and dedication.

hangar-fold-up-door-2  aluminium-roller-grilles