Patrick Brisbane Autostrad Terminal

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Patrick Brisbane Autostrad Terminal – Berth 10 Fisherman Islands, Queensland

Patrick’s Autostrad Terminal is a high tech container terminal utilising the world’s first free ranging robotic straddle carriers. In conjunction with the design architect and builder, we specially designed and manufactured four steel 4-leaf fold-up doors. One of the major design requirements was the opening height. The counterweight balanced doors (a variation of the standard fold-up door) measuring 16m high by 7.2m wide had to be large enough to house the massive robotic straddle carriers. These 4-leaf fold-up doors are the highest doors of their kind and weigh 4 tonne each.

The highly complex drive system has an intelligent programmable logic controller (PLC) that assists the operator with door travel and locking control functions. To allow uncomplicated access for maintenance, the motors were designed and fitted at ground level.

The heavy duty 16m high steel tracks, weighing 1.6 tonne each, are bolted to the structure and allow smooth operation and travel. The doors are clad with Lysaght® steel sheeting and Suntuf® polycarbonate sheeting and when open, the doors provide high quality daylight and natural ventilation to the workshop.

steel-4-leaf-fold-up-doors-2  steel-4-leaf-fold-up-doors-3