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Greg Czapp Founder of Airport Doors

Greggorz Czapp

3rd Generation Doors is Australia’s superior manufacturer of residential, commercial, industrial and customised doors. With an extensive product range, a wealth of expertise and the ability to custom-make, 3rd Generation Doors offers clients almost countless quality door solutions, as well as dedicated and professional service right through from the initial project design stage to project completion and also for many years to come.

The Czapp family has been making specialist doors in Australia since 1958. 3rd Generation Doors is a 'third generation', privately owned Australian company with extensive industry experience. Renowned for our wide range of door products, we are also widely recognised for our unparalleled excellence in the design and manufacture of special application doors - doors specifically designed and manufactured to suit unique applications. Some of our more prominent special application doors include the canopy door and 30.5m wide vertical lift door at Southern Cross Station, Melbourne and the 16m high 4-leaf Fold-Up Door at Patrick Brisbane Autostrad Terminal.

Attracted to the diversity and quality of our products, our large client base consists of architects, builders, door agents and end-users. 3rd Generation Doors’ continual research and development program along with ongoing quality control practices cements our position at the forefront of door technology, and ensures you are provided with the best and latest trends, styles, materials and products.

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